Case Study


Eckhaus Latta

Paris Fashion Week

February 2019


Increase in orders


Brand sales with Inline


Less time spent per appointment

Eckhaus Latta used Inline for their AW19 and PS20 collections at Paris Fashion Week.

By streamlining EL's sales, they were able to decrease average appointment time by 79%, allowing them to complete 82% more orders. As a result, EL had their most successful wholesale season to date.

Eckhaus Latta used Inline to:

→ Create line sheets and send to clients before appointments
→ Organize & sync appointments with calendars
→ Instantly generate visual invoices
→ Manage order history and revisions
→ Analyze top-line stats of their collections
→ Organize products using Inline's line sheet template

Before Inline, it took Eckhaus Latta weeks to prepare for their market weeks, updating line sheets and managing client relations all within collaborated spreadsheets and emails.

With Inline, product collections can be created and managed more efficiently and with significantly less human error. Using our simple import process, Eckhaus Latta was able to digitize their collection and start sending line sheets in minutes. Eckhaus Latta continues to use our line sheet as a template for upcoming seasons.

Not only did Inline produce great quantitative results, but the Eckhaus Latta team saw an immediate improvement in their wholesale experience and continue to use Inline today.

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